Crystal Methodist

by Crystal Methodist

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released 20 March 2014

Recorded by Nat Pierce at Cats n Jammers Studio in Merrimack MA
All lyrics by Jeremy
All music by Logan
Guest vocals on TFM by James Sheridan

Vocals - Jeremy Cunningham
Guitar - Logan Miller
Bass - Laz Canny
Drums - Pat Coughlin



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Crystal Methodist New Hampshire

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Track Name: Give a Fuck
I used to dream everyone gave a fuck
about anything besides themselves
I know I should
I wish I could
I'm putting my problems on the shelf

Why don't you give a fuck
Why can't I give a fuck
Track Name: Abyss
Regret. I've learned my lesson
I can't handle this tension
Sinking into depression
I can feel it watching me

I can feel its breath on my neck
It echoes inside of my head
A sound I can't recreate
A slave to an empty page

You will never sound
Like the music in your head

"And if you gaze long enough into an abyss,
the abyss will gaze back into you."
Track Name: TFM
Overcompensating, unironic Dom Mazetti
Go to college because you're supposed to
Daddy's prodigy
Full ride from your parents
Mommy's little brat
Can't make friends on your own,
well welcome to the frat

Privileged frat boy suck my dick
Misogynistic piece of shit
Track Name: What Happened
I didn't burn these bridges
They just started to crumble
We watched them fall apart
Now I'm trapped in the rubble

I don't know how to fix this
We both just let this happen
My apathy got in the way
You just got tired of waiting
Track Name: Fixed Fight
We laugh in the face of death
We shrug it off in self defense
We make our beds to die in them
All we can do is try our best

I'll keep walking and grit my teeth
I'll put up a fight till I'm six feet deep
Track Name: Best Friends
I still keep my hands balled into fists
I still ask the questions that most would avoid
I still think of the person I almost became
I think you saved my life when you moved away

What will you do when your youth
no longer serves as a valid excuse

Maybe I could have helped
I didn't know what to do
yet I still call you friend
but I didn't want to end up like you
Track Name: What to Worship
Afraid to die
Afraid of wrong and right
They gave you a book
Said the answers were inside
I guess its harmless if it helps you sleep
but don't tell anyone how to think

You can't save me
I don't need to be saved

Cherry-picking verses from a broken moral compass
You say that he's your savior but you're nothing like your Jesus
Be my guest. Believe what you want
but don't reject me because I reject your god

Fuck you and fuck your religion
Your values come from an outdated system
Fuck your god. Fuck your heaven
I'll deal with the life I'm living
Track Name: Successful
Your money, your stuff, your friends, your love
will all be gone soon enough

You've caused so much pain just to die in the end
When you look back how will you wish your time was spent

Success is an illusion.